Hi everyone! My name is Rachel and I was originally born and raised in the midwest of the United States. I decided to move to Florida in 2014 at the age of 23 after graduating college in Illinois. I am now 26. I have the unique experience of moving across the country and relocating to a state I used to vacation in as a child and teenager. I think I have a unique perspective because I was not raised in Florida, yet I am immersed in local Florida culture as an adult.

Although I made this website to reach out to others who are considering becoming or already are Florida “transplants,” meaning they might move/moved here from the northern U.S in their young adulthood to enjoy all the state has to offer, I hope this website is an enjoyable read by anyone- those retiring in Florida from the north, and even local floridians. To the locals- you may get a laugh out of it or gain more appreciation by reading my perspective. I hope everyone enjoys hearing about my experiences as well as my goals for my future endeavors in Florida.

I thank God for inspiring me to write and use this outlet as a chance to reach others.